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Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 16:05:36 -0800 From: Gary Pinto Subject: Part 5 The Education beeg teen of Colin Roarke THE EDUCATION OF COLIN ROARKE (M/b-M/t-b/t) By Max the Cat Comments and Suggestions to gmony6gmail Part: 5: The Patron's Are www.beeg Landing and the Big Interview! The boys had a week before the Patron's would arrive. Colin beeg black and Erik wandered Palmira Island looking at what their new digs had to offer. It was .beeg so green and the vegetation was so lush. The water was sparkling blue and warm. Colin especially loved to swim, while Erik was more of a land lover, he would only go up to his knees and no further. beeg sex Right now they were lying on towels and trying to turn brown with out going red in the process! "Just think you will be thirteen beeg coom in a few free beeg weeks" Colin said. "Big deal" Erik said "I don't care about birthdays anymore, but I care that you care" Erik told him with beeg hindi a smile. The first of the Patrons began arriving on the thirty first, two yachts with five Patron's each and later that afternoon the first plane. The Patrons were in awe of how lovely the new Palmyra Facility was and all the naked Pleasure boys, that was proved when the Patron's were naked they were beeg sex video hard beeg . as a rock. Erik indian beeg and Colin walked the free beeg beach and were approached by two Patron beeg/ "are you Pleasure beeg.com/ boys available?" one asked. "How can we service you? Colin sex beeg asked and were both led off to available beach towels and Colin's Patron beeg hairy lay down "I am at your leisure beeg xxx young man" and Colin grinned pushed the patron's legs aside and dove in with tongue flicking like a snake and licked and dug beeg anal into the man's asshole saliva flowing onto the Patron's body. 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Erik and Colin met for breakfast and compared notes "hey Erik remember we are in the King game at two, I'll pick you up" Colin told his best friend "thanks Colin I need a nap" and the both napped together. At two they reported to the game room and picked a number "I have four" Colin retorted and Erik picked a number "I have three" he said and the two naked Pleasure boys each lay out on their respective tables and awaited the cock. 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Colin and Erik were now free to wander the facility and the first went and got one of the beeg.con frozen "cock-sicles'" beeg lesbian "I want a Penisberry Colin told the vendor, hey I want one of those "Coconut cum-sicles Erik said. The two pleasure boys beeg hairy wandered up the beach and lay out on beach towels and rested, porno beeg tomorrow was the luau and they begg became orgies most of beeg porn the time tube beeg "I hope we have lot's of cock, you know I really like to fuck" Erik said, they giggled. That evening the two boys ventured to the "Gloryhole" "hey let's suck beeg beeg some cock Colin said and Erik shrugged and they anal beeg got behind an open hole and waited , and not long for into the holes a cock each beeg.com/ appeared and each boy beeg. winked and wrapped beeg moms their lips around the hard cock meat and sucked, licked and nibbled away giving the Horney Patron his desire. The two Pleasure boys each brought off three cocks and decided that that was enough for day and headed for a good nights sleep. The stayed in Erik's room and played a few video games on the computer the in each other's arms they drifted off. Day three was the anticipated "Luau", the company roasted two pigs, beegxx rice and fruit, all served on Palm leaves. There was swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving porn beeg and many Patrons's wanted to put an under water fuck into their repertoire, beeg milf bee something to tell the people back home. Colin was game for that, Erik was not "underwater, not I, said the fly" was his answer "I'll fuck or suck in any way shape or form, I've even did a couple dogs, but not under water" his answer was "no". Colin beeg coom just laughed "I think the get it" he laughed. Day three festivities started early, the pigs were set on the coals and covered with damp palm leaves and super hot stones. The rice was made up in the kitchen along with beeeg the fruit from local vendors. All the Pleasure boys made ready for a day of fun, games and Patron cock which would expend with their vital fluids. beeg. com Colin looked forward to this day he loved the water and having a Patron come up behind him and while exploring the reef's a Patron would explore his boi-pussy with milf beeg a hard meaty object. Erik liked to roll around with a Patron on a beach towel and satisfy the Patron's hot beeg gesetz needs, and of beeg porn videos course his he loved the feeling of cuming! Erik, Colin and a few of the other beeg movies Pleasure boys ventured down to www.beeg.com the shore, the smell of the baking pig was making beeg.com their salivary beeg mature glands work over time, the smell makes me beegs hungry, but there were Patron's to satisfy, and they came first. 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"Hey Colin we have to be in the hall at five" Erik said "Yea beeg.coom I saw it, I like that game, a chance to pad the old saving's account, we are great cock suckers" he answered back. Day four was there quickly the boys ate showered, cleaned out and headed to the Game room at five and drew a number "I have three" Colin said to Erik, I "I have thirteen again" Erik retorted and took a beeg porn seat on their stools and waited for the Patron's beegporn to finish the buffet and viewing the for sale беег DVD's. The Patron's rambled in and quickly found a warm wet mouth to fill with their beeg mp4 hot cocks, the waiting Pleasure boys began to lick, nibble and suck, trying to bring the Patron off quickly (a Patron who came was fined a thousand and the beeg jepang pleasure boy and the company split it). 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